New Student Information

Summer Orientation Day Update: As you completed your summer orientation day, you received a packet with some information from the ITS department. To download the letter, click here for the Word 2007 version or click here for the PDF verson.


You have a username and password to access Gateway, the College's portal.  The rest of your account access will be created within 3 business days of the summer orientation day that you attended. New students will be expected to access their accounts prior to arriving for classes in August to ensure that the systems work.  Please see the instructions in the document above.


To view even more information for incoming students, please click here.



For an ITS cheat sheet, please click here for the document in Word and here for the document in PDF.


If you have any questions at all, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 260-982-5454 or email them at


The ITS deparment provides a number of services from which you will benefit. However, you will need to learn the terminology involved so that we can all understand each other.


Cable TV Service: The cable TV system provides over 100 channels including multiple HBO channels. You must provide your own TV and cable to connect it to the wall port.


Cell Phones: The College is a member of AT&T's University Advantage plan.  As a result, you can receive a 10% discount on call and data plans (but not text message plans).  University Advantage supports both new and existing AT&T wireless customers.


Outlook Live: Your email account will be created within 3 days of your A&R day. Hosted by Microsoft and based on its Windows Live email system, Outlook Live provides you with 10GB of email storage. You can also use some of that space to simply store files online. You can access your Outlook Live email account at Your Windows Live ID is your email address. For your email address and initial password, please see the introductory letter accessible in the A&R Day Update section above.


Gateway: Gateway is the College portal that provides access to your student information, announcements, the campus calendar, and much, much more.


H:\ Drive: Students have the ability to store course-related documents on the network on their H:\ drive. Students can also choose to store those documents on Gateway. Students may not store documents that are not related to their courses on their H:\ drives or on Gateway.


Microsoft Products for Student Use: The College provides some Microsoft software for student use at a minimal fee. Students can purchase the Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade DVD ($35) or the Office 2010 (or Office 2011 for the Mac) Enterprise DVD ($30) from the Campus Store after arriving in August.  Office 2010 may be available by the time you arrive.


Phones in Residence Halls: There is a phone port in each residence hall room. Students will be assigned a phone number when they arrive in August. Your phone number follows you regardless of your assigned residence hall room. Change rooms and your number follows you.  Students don't have to worry about changing phone numbers as long as they remain a resident. This feature is known as Single Number Reach (SNR).


ResNet: Each resident hall room has two wired ports that connect your computer, game console, or whatever to our Residential Network (ResNet). Once connected, you have access to the Internet. However, there are restrictions and minimum requirements.


The College prohibits the illegal sharing of copyrighted material such as songs, movies, and software, especially through peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. The use of the P2P software on the College's network is prohibited. Violating this restriction could lead to the loss of ResNet privileges.


Buying a new computer for college?  Contact the ITS Help Desk (260-982-5454 or email with questions.


SpartanPrint: Each semester you are alloted $20 in a non-refundable printing quota. You decide what you want to print.


Wireless: The College provides comprehensive wireless coverage in the Clark Computer Center, Funderburg Library, Holl-Kintner classroom spaces, Petersime Chapel, residence hall lobbies, Science Center, and the Union. There is also limited wireless coverage in Calvin Ulrey and the PERC. The ITS department hopes to expand this coverage this summer.


No software is necessary to connect to the network. Simply choose the network MCWiFi-StartHere, open your browser, and our system will help you do the rest.