Recommendations for ResNet Software

For easier connectivity and computer security, residence hall students with computers must comply with the following:

  • PCs and Macs must have their operating systems completely up-to-date. That includes all service packs and patches. Windows machines should have either Windows 7, XP, or Vista installed.
  • Please avoid Windows Vista Home Basic.
  • Windows machines must have 1 anti-virus package installed, running, and current. Current implies that the latest virus definitions have been downloaded. Do not install more than 1 anti-virus program.
  • Spyware can prevent your computer from connecting. Be sure that your computer is spyware-free.
  • Cisco’s Clean Access Agent is required and will be provided when the student arrives on campus via the ITS Web site.

Recommendations for ResNet Hardware

Any PC that supports Windows XP or newer or Mac that supports OS X can connect to our network.

If you do not have a Wi-Fi-enabled PC or laptop, please bring a 15 - 25 foot network cable.


IMPORTANT NOTE #1: All residence hall rooms have access to the College wireless network. You will not be allowed to set up a personal wireless network in your room.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: Do not purchase Office 2010. Students with an ID can purchase Office 2010 Enterprise for $25. If you have Windows XP and you're sure your PC can run Vista, you can purchase the Vista Ultimate upgrade for $30. Both are available at the Campus Store.