August 6, 2008

New Residence Hall Feature - SNR

The ITS department is putting the finishing touches on a new resident student phone feature called Single Number Reach. With it, our resident students can keep the same phone number as long as they remain residents.

Returning students will learn their new phone numbers via email in the coming days. New students have already received their phone number.

The new phone numbers have a different prefix than the old room phone numbers. The new numbers are in the form 260-901-xxxx.



Do the new phone numbers have a different prefix?
Yes; the old numbers were 260-982-xxxx.  The new numbers are 260-901-xxxx.


Will I have to dial 7 numbers to call someone on campus?
No; all on-campus phone calls only require that you press the last 4 digits of the phone number as before.  For example, whether you are calling the business office or they are calling you, either will only press the last 4 digits of the other’s phone number.


Can I take my SNR number off campus? 
No; the SNR number is solely for on-campus use.  If you move off-campus but return to a residence hall, you will be assigned a new SNR phone number.


Will SNR still work if I forward my room phone?
Yes; the phone will simply follow the forwarding instructions.


Can I port my SNR number (as in, take it with me after I leave)?
No; the number is leased to the College through the local telephone carrier.


What happens to my SNR when I move off campus, graduate, or otherwise leave the college?
The number will be returned to a database of available phone numbers and will be reassigned.


What if I leave for a year and then come back?  Will I get the same SNR phone number?
Not likely; the odds are overwhelmingly against you receiving the same SNR phone number.


What happens if I dial my room’s phone number instead of my SNR? 
If you learn your room’s real phone number, don’t use it.  SNR works by translating your SNR phone number to the room where you live.  Even though your room still has a phone number, it’s a phony number (pun intended).  Don’t dial it because it won’t work.


Can I dial the old phone number assigned to the room?
No; the old pre-SNR room phone numbers have been reassigned for other College uses.


Can I accept collect calls at my room?
Can you?  Yes.  Should you?  Absolutely not.  You will be billed $25 for each accepted collect call in addition to the call’s toll charge.


How can I place a long distance call?
You can obtain a calling card from your carrier of choice or purchase a pre-paid card from vendors like over very own Campus Store.


What do I press for an outside line?
Press 6 for an outside line.


Can I dial a toll-free number?
Yes; press 6 and then the toll free number.


Can I call an operator for assistance?
No; dialing 0 from your room sends your call to the campus operator who cannot provide directory assistance.


Can I call directory assistance?
No; try on the web; it’s are free.


What if I have an emergency?
If you have a police, fire, or medical emergency call 911.  There is no need to press 6 for an outside line.  Stay on the line and give the dispatcher as much information as possible.  If you call 911 by mistake, do not hang up!  Stay on the line so the dispatcher may verify the error.