Phone Systems


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Manchester University provides a phone number for every residence hall room on campus. To utilize this service, students must bring their own telephone. No special equipment is necessary other than a telephone and telephone cable to connect. Cordless phones are often seen as superior to corded phones in the residence halls, but either will work without a problem.

In Garver , East, Oakwood, and Helman the phone jack is located on the wall next to the door at about eye level. In Schwalm, the jack may be located on the wall near the door or it may be near the floor dependent upon which floor of Schwalm you reside.

Once you have your phone connected, you will be able to make local calls (North Manchester and the surrounding areas). For long distance calls, you can either use a prepaid calling card or a calling card from your preferred long-distance provider. Prepaid cards can be purchased from the Campus Store.

Collect Calls are NOT to be accepted on campus. There will be a $25.00 charge for each collect call in addition to the charges incurred from the call. This amount can escalate rather quickly dependent upon the amount of collect calls and the amount of talk time. This charge will be added to your tuition bill automatically and must be paid in full for the release of class schedules, transcripts, or registration of classes.

Residents are not authorized to bill-back charged calls to their room phone number; such charges result in the same $25 per item fee as collect calls.

Repeat $25 charges for either bill-back or collect calls may result in the discontinuation of telephone service and a reconnection fee may apply.

Voicemail is not available in the residence hall rooms. Answering machines should be used.

Data services such as modems and fax machines will not work in residence hall rooms. For Internet services, please connect your computer to the University's network. To send a fax, a fax machine is available in the Campus Store. To send a fax from the Campus Store, please take your documents to the check-out desk. A fee of $1.50 will be charged for the first three pages sent and $.50 for each page thereafter. There is no fee to receive faxes at the Campus Store.