Phone System – Audio Conference Calls


Planning a Successful Manchester College Audio Conference Call:
Tips and Techniques


If you are new to hosting and arranging audio conferences—or if you simply need a refresher—the first step is to consider what type of conference you need to have. Gather the following information before contacting IHETS to schedule your conference:

Schedule your audio conference at least one day in advance, if possible. IHETS will reserve the conference bridge for the time you request. If there is no space on the bridge for the date and time you've requested, however, you will be informed immediately so that you can make other arrangements or reschedule the conference for another date and time.

When the conference is scheduled, all participants will be assigned a passcode which they must use to dial in and access the conference.


To Schedule an Audio Conference Call, Please Contact:


Cheryl Ross
Digital Media Services Coordinator
Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System (IHETS)
714 North Senate Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: 317.263.8945




ITS Help Desk
Help Desk
Clark Computer Center
Phone: x5454 (on-campus)


Canceling a Scheduled Audio Conference Call


If you need to cancel a previously scheduled audio conference, please let us know. The IHETS conference bridge is heavily used for committee meetings, workshops, training sessions, and other events. If you are unable to use a reserved time slot, canceling the reservation is not only courteous but important. In addition, please notify all your conference participants of the cancellation.


Suggestions for Effective Audio Conference Calls

Points to Remember


The IHETS audio conference bridge is intended primarily for meetings joining at least six (or more) individuals at multiple endpoints. These conferences will have priority over those with fewer locations or endpoints in the event of scheduling conflicts.

Audio conferencing is available to and can only be scheduled by IHETS member institutions. Those affiliated with our member institutions and their partners, however, can connect to the audio conference by phone.

IHETS cannot accept collect calls to access the conference or pay toll charges for participants not connected via SUVON. If this poses a problem for students, you may wish to consider credit card or third-party billing to pre-pay for your participants.


Technical Support


If you experience technical difficulties during an audio conference, please contact the IHETS Help Desk.